Chiropractic Testimonials

"After a two year hiatus, I returned to Dr. Teon after seeing various other chiropractors who were practicing their internships at the clinic in Henrietta. It felt like coming home again with Dr. Teon’s positive attitude! I have had chronic back pain since my 20’s which culminated with herniating two discs in my lower back in my mid forties. Now, in my 60’s I lead an active life but was still finding days when driving it hurt to look to either side. Dr. Teon took X-rays which revealed that I had straight vertebrae in my neck which should have been curved and the arthritis in my spine, especially my lower back, had led to deterioration of the spinal cartilage. I try to stay away from medications, especially prescription, and I exercise by walking daily if I can. I found that my existing condition would sometimes make it difficult to maintain the quality of life that I expect. After returning to Dr. Teon with visits every other day, then gradually twice a week, and now, once a week, my condition has greatly improved. Dr. Teon is the ONLY doctor who can “unlock” my neck and I walk out of the office feeling whole and happy. After an adjustment, my whole body seems less rigid. I can turn my neck easily and I don’t had episodes where standing or walking is difficult. There have been times when I have had to cancel a weekly appointment and I honestly cannot wait to get back in the office! I find that not only is my body healed but my spirits are lifted as well. Dr. Teon and his staff personalize the profession and it is obvious that they care about my health, well-being and my happiness. One does not find that kind of care often in the medical arena! This formidable and caring practice is one that I have recommended to family and friends and will continue to do so."
- Fran McCarthy

"In 2008, a few months after Dr. T opened his doors, my friend suggested I make an appointment to see if I could get relief for lower back pain. I had suffered for 20 years with this pain and had been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and fibromyalgia. The pain was constant, head to toe, and my lower back was so sensitive, if anyone even brushed their hand across it, I would lose my breath and have to medicate to calm the throbbing. The pain I experienced was at times, debilitating. I suffered from tension headaches and migraines, and socializing with family and friends included up to 15 Advil in a day so I could more easily hide my grimaces of pain. Work has always had to involve a flexible sit/stand option because sitting or standing for any length of time would result in a 2-day heavily medicated recovery. For 20+ years, I exercised and medicated everyday to manage the pain; making the level of pain low enough to walk, lie down and play with my children. During this time I gained 150 lbs, was constantly increasing dosages just to function. Although I feel I have had a full and blessed life, within 5 months of treatments with Dr. T, I was easily able to take part in so many more activities. My favorite part of my chiropractic results… not having to fear the pain every time I take a step, my husband being able to hold me and hug me, and feeling ready to try new things! My friend Disa, who was already a patient of Dr. Teon referred me here. I was a fearful skeptic the first time I stepped through the door of Dr. T’s office. Soon after my treatment began, I felt more like part of a community rather than just a patient. The time, education and instruction that Dr. Teon and his staff give is above and beyond any medical experience I ever had. I have recommended his practice to anyone I have had the chance to talk about my results with."
- Bonnie Anne Korherr

“I like Dr. Teon and his team very much and have always felt comfortable and welcome. Since I began care here, I have felt much healthier and I’m glad my mom and I found their office. We consider Dr. Teon and his staff friends.”
- Anthony Sisca





"I had chronic insomnia which I have been suffering with for at least 6 years. The medical doctors had no idea what the cause was! At its worst, I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until 6:00 am and then sleep for only a short time.

I have tried Benadryl PM, Herbal formulas, sleep teas, breathing techniques and Ambien. All of the above, except ambien, would only work, for a short time. Ambien was horrible. It made me feel very spacey and drugged out! As a caregiver, I had a hard time functioning well during the day! Also, I would be very irritable, especially with my family. I would exercise more hoping I would sleep, but it didn’t work.

I attended a seminar at the YMCA and spoke to Dr. T about needing help! After 2 weeks of treatment I am now sleeping like a baby, and I go to sleep within 10 minutes every night! I have more energy during the day and now I am functioning at full speed!

Right away I felt like family. Dr. T has gone out of his way to help me! He really spends so much time educating people who really want to get help! His staff is a delight and also eager to help me. I really feel like Dr. T and his team are dedicating their lives to help others!"
- Bonnie Santora

“I had Spinal Stenosis for 10 years. The pain was so intense and I had no feeling in my hands and arms. I also had plantar fasciitis. I tried medication and physical therapy, but the quality of my life was compromised. I met Tracee at the eastside YMCA and they told me about Ontario Family Chiropractic. After completing my care plan, I have less pain which is discomfort only. My life is fuller after corrective care and I feel wonderful. [Ontario Family Chiropractic] has a fantastic team. They have done so much to improve my life and pain management.”
- Christine Pospisil

"Two weeks before the 2011 Pinto World Championship Horse Show held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I suffered a major fall from my horse. I sustained injuries to my hips and lower back and could hardly walk after the accident. Although we were under a time crunch for me to get healthy enough to ride and show my horse, Dr. T accepted the challenge. With regular chiropractic adjustments, laser therapy, and soft tissue treatments (all administered by Dr. T), I was not only able to compete in Tulsa, but my horse and I were finalists and top-15 finishers in multiple events. While competing, I was 100% completely pain-free without any help from medication. Competing at the national level in horse showing is tough business. We are up at 3:00 am to care for our horses, practice multiple times throughout the day, and prepare physically and mentally to show. Throughout my time in Tulsa, even with all of the mental and physical demands, I was NEVER in pain.

I cannot say enough positive things about my experiences with Dr. T and Ontario Family Chiropractic. With regular treatment, I no longer have to depend on ibuprofen for pain relief. Dr. T's treatments get to the source of the issue without masking the symptoms. I am so very grateful for the help I've received from Dr. T."
- Danielle Simpson

"I was having pain down my left leg every day. My daughter invited me to the Community Dinner, to learn how people heal. Shortly after, I started therapy here and now I am much better. I tried other therapies and medications to help with the numbness and tingling down my leg, but still had pain. My daughter Dorothy referred me to doctor Teon and now I have no pain. He is an excellent Doctor and is very patient and kind."
- Ethel Barber

Before and After
"My journey in wellness and to a healthy lifestyle began at the tender age of 50 years old, when my body finally hit a brick wall. I was overweight, weighing 251 pounds and on 8 different medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol, acid reflux, etc. I had migraines and headaches since I was 18 years old. They were extremely painful until I was 22, and then I started taking migraine medication up to the age of 50. I started getting my back adjusted after looking at my X-rays, and after 3 weeks, my headaches were gone! Every 3 months I went to my family Doctor for follow-up visits to my progress. All I received was a larger pill in mg (20 + 40 mg each) in order to keep all my medical issues in check. My wife and I did extensive research into healthy eating, wellness, side-effects of each medication, and changing my lifestyle to live without meds. I started eating healthy, natural, no processed foods, etc. In October of 2014, I slowly started my new lifestyle of wellness and healthy eating, taking baby steps into natural foods, mostly organic. I had lost around 20 pounds when I met Dr. Teon and his team at Ontario Family Chiropractic. It was a great match for both of us. Dr. Teon not only helps you with your chiropractor needs, but has a wealth of information into wellness, active healthy lifestyle, and healthy organic eating.

By working with Dr. Teon and his staff, I have been able to stop taking all 8 medications and most importantly, I do not get anymore migraines since 3 weeks into getting adjusted by Dr. Teon. At the end of the day, many people don’t realize that by investing time and money into your chiropractor needs not only allows you to get off medications, but the healthy lifestyle will allow you to live longer and also save on medical expenses. I have lost an additional 12 pounds in the last six months working with Dr. Teon and his team. I firmly believe that by changing my eating habits, lifestyle, not eating processed foods, getting off medications with the help of Dr. Teon through adjustments, I’m on the road to a great future without Dr. visits!

Dr. Teon and his team are first class! They take the time to explain everything and answer any questions you may have. It feels like a family environment where everyone works to help each other live better."
- James Kanellopoulos

"I have been seeing Dr. T for about 4 weeks now and already I'm seeing incredible changes. To make a long story short, over 2 yrs ago I lost almost all my strength in my arms, and started having painful numbing and tingling at night which was keeping me from getting any sleep. I saw everyone from primary care doctors, neurologists, to rheumatologist. They had me on steroids for a period of time and when that didn't work, they had me get a muscle biopsy which I still have pain from and an awful scar. After 2 yrs of discouraging doctor appointment after doctor appointment, they basically ran out of ideas of what could be causing my symptoms. I finally listened to a very caring friend and made my first appointment with Dr. T. After 6 visits I can sleep through the night without any pain or numbing! My only regret is that I didn't make an appointment 2 yrs ago! I can't thank Dr. T and the staff at Ontario Family Chiropractic enough!"
- Laura Kline

“I was sleep deprived. For the last 12 years I had been getting on average three to four hours of sleep per night. I tried counting sheep, sleeping medication and alcohol before coming to Ontario Family Chiropractic. Sleep deprivation left my overall attitude down, and a little bit withdrawn from social activities. Dr. Teon did a speech about the need for adjustments at the BMW dealer that I attended. As soon as two weeks after procedures started, I have been sleeping regularly, seven to eight hours per day and my overall mental awareness has improved! Ontario Family Chiropractic has a very friendly, down to earth team. They are easy to deal with and schedule appointments. They are always improving to get better through new training.”
- Marcin Suchodolski

“I have arthritis, extensive, in my neck and upper spine area. This began about three years ago! I also have spinal curvature which is not normal. Causes of above are arthritis, back surgeries and neurologic symptoms such as anxiety. I’ve had back surgeries (laminectomy stenosis), gone to chiropractors, physical therapy sessions, knee replacement, and have tries over the counter medicines. I was unable to continue doing physical type work at work and home. I also affected golfing and swimming. I was referred to Ontario Family Chiropractic through the eastside branch of the YMCA. I have more range of motion in my neck area, massage therapy has significantly improved my lower back arthritic problems and shoulder problems. I always believed that Chiropractic had a place in my medical history. Ontario Family Chiropractic has an excellent and up-to-date facility, expertise and equipment.”
- Richard J Slichta

"I have had a pain in my lower spine for years. At its worst, the pain would affect my ability to sleep well and also perform household chores. I would take Aleve, which would upset my stomach. I tried exercise but found it too painful.

I started taking yoga 5 years ago but was limited to lying on my back for different phases. I had to have my husband help me do household chores.

I met Dr. Teon at the eastside YMCA attending one of their seminars. I noticed a change immediately. After a few visits, I have found I am for flexible and able to do my yoga without pain. The sore spot in my back is gone! Best of all, NO MEDS!!

Dr. Teon and his staff are so pleasant and caring. They are dedicated to help you get well. Your questions are always answered with great information. I would recommend Dr. Teon without hesitation. I have friends who have recently made appointments!"
- Susan Bennett

"I had degenerative disc disease, with a lot of lower back pain. I’ve had pain for 3 years, and physical labor made it worse. I went to a chiropractor in Williamson a few times and took Advil occasionally and had some relief. The pain made everything, including sleeping more difficult. I was referred into the Clinic by a friend. Since I have been coming, I have no more back pain at all, no sinus headaches, and I’m sleeping better. I have no need to take over the counter medicine to manage the pain as there is none now.

Dr. Teon is very knowledgeable, dedicated, thorough, and professional. He makes time for me."
- Tim McCall


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