Corporate Wellness
Are your employees healthy, focused and energized? Our Corporate Wellness program at Ontario Family Chiropractic will help you create a company-wide culture that results in fit, productive employees. Unlock the true potential of your employees by giving them tools proven to elevate performance. Discover ways to benefit your business that lowers your health insurance costs, increases staff morale and employee productivity, reduces sickness and absenteeism, reduces turnover and lowers your recruiting and training costs! Our long-term goal is to provide easy-to-use principles that help your employees stay healthy and energetic for life.

Lunch and Learn
Lunch and Learn events are available for Charity Events, the Workplace, or any other place of interest. Our goal is to come to you and provide lunch for everyone, while we educate you on the top 3 killers in the U.S., and how to beat your chances of dying from those killers by 98% WITHOUT the use of drugs or surgeries. We will also help you understand different types of stress and how to live without those stresses. Topics include but are not limited to Nutrition, Fitness, and the Importance of Immunity.

Winning My Race
Are you concerned about the health of your congregation? Today’s destructive lifestyle is leading to an exponential increase in cases of childhood illness, heart disease, cancer, depression, and sleeplessness. The church is far from immune. In fact, quite the contrary. Studies have shown that these issues are 15% more prevalent in churches. Only you can start taking the steps towards a healthier and more energized congregation.


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